The South Froze Over...

When I heard there was the potential for snow in Nashville I started to brainstorm photographing a Horse + Rider session in the snow. However, this is the South and the weather changes just about every hour so the theme seemed to be "let's play this by ear."

The crazy weather started on Monday with freezing rain that left the roads covered in ice. It was reported that there were over 100 accidents in Davidson County by just late afternoon that day! Thankfully none as severe as what happened in Fort Worth, Texas with the 133-car pileup. Later that night the weather progressed to snow that was actually sticking and accumulating. I knew at this point if/when I could get my car out of my Apartment's parking lot I would find my way to a farm to photograph some horses in the snow.

Unfortunately, I was snowed in until Wednesday afternoon. But, with some quick planning I was able to make my way out to Clarksville, Tennessee to photograph Taylor Robinson Dahl and her horses on their farm! It was definitely a race against the clock to complete the session as a third wave of winter weather was coming through very shortly. Towards the end of the session some chunky snow flakes started to fall and I couldn't help but keep saying, "Oooo one more shot," or "hold it, let me get one more here!" By the time I left Taylor's farm there was a slick coating of sleet and snow on the roads but thankfully my experience driving in not only Connecticut winters but Germany winters as well had me prepared to handle the Tennessee roads. I made it back in one piece where I then quickly started to tackle editing this magical session with a bowl of chicken noodle soup by my side.

It was seriously a dream to finally get to photograph in the snow and I truly can't thank Taylor enough for freezing her butt off for me! Check out the images from our Snow Day here in Tennessee!