In October of 2019 I had my business license in hand for Miranda Taylor Photography and had just purchased all brand new equipment. I was chomping at the bit (pun intended) to get my business kickstarted! Like anyone, I wanted to be as successful as possible so I did some research before taking the dive into running a photography business. The main theme that kept coming up in my research was the importance of constant education. It doesn't matter what skill level you are or how much experience you have, there is always something to learn.

With me being fresh into the industry of equine photography, the moment I saw an advertisement for the 2020 North Texas Equine Photography Workshop hosted by Terri Cage Photography I immediately started filling out an application to go. I had admired Terri's work for years so I was beyond excited to not only just be in her presence but to have the opportunity to pick her brain as well.

The Workshop took place at the beautiful Wildwood Ranch in Whitesboro, Texas October 23rd-25th. Each day had unique styled shoots to photograph as well as time set aside to learn from Terri. We even had a class on Marketing from the incredibly talented Kirstie Marie Photography! I was completely blown away by Terri's planning that went into the Workshop and into each styled shoot. Each shoot was different from the last and had multiple models to photograph.

Day 1

Although the weather was less than ideal in the morning, we were still able to photograph at a local indoor arena to learn/fine tune external flash skills. At the time of the workshop I had very limited experience shooting with strobes but with Terri's guidance I truly feel inspired to learn more about lighting and how I can incorporate it into my business one day.

The evening styled shoot was located at Bridlewood Stable, a Gypsy Vanner farm in Denison, Texas. The models were dressed in beautiful gowns and costumes from Terri's Client Closet. Check out some images from Day 1 below.

Day 2

During Day 2's morning styled shoot we photographed a variety of horses on their own to not only get detail shots but also learn about how to properly pose a horse for conformation/sale photos. As a very detail oriented person, I thoroughly enjoyed this shoot.

If you didn't know, Texas is home to multiple Quarter Horse farms, to include the infamous Highpoint Performance Horses. Coincidentally, Highpoint was hosting their 2nd Annual Stallion Showcase and Open House during the Workshop. As a group, we all decided to take a field trip over there to check out the facilities and photograph whatever we were drawn to. I've always dreamed of visiting Highpoint so this was quite the memorable experience.

Upon return from Highpoint we kicked off our evening Styled shoot with the theme "Yellowstone." Although I've never watch an episode of the hit show, I did really love photographing our models and their gorgeous horses. Below are just a few of my favorite shots from throughout the day (it was so hard to narrow down ones to post here).

Day 3

The last styled shoot of the Workshop was Sunday morning. This last shoot was so fun because it wasn't something I ever thought I'd get the chance to photograph... four insanely talented horsewomen, dressed in their very best ranch-wear, galloping around (and even roping) on their beautiful horses. They were all smiles the whole time so it was just a great way to round out a fabulous weekend.

By this point I was so exhausted from staying up too late each night to go over my images I captured from earlier each day. Every shoot had just been so amazing I couldn't resist editing a few... but get this- I am so impatient that after leaving the Workshop at noon, I pulled into a gas station just so I could edit a few images from that morning's shoot. I just couldn't get through 10 hours of driving without taking a peek! What do you think that is... dedication or just plain crazy?! Check out some shots of the "Rowdy Rowlers" below.

I am so happy to have been able to attend the 2020 North Texas Equine Photography Workshop. I walked away with so much content, knowledge, and inspiration. I highly recommend to anyone in the equine photography industry, no matter the skill level, to attend this Workshop. I will most definitely be attending again in the future and I truly cannot wait until that is!

If you're interested interested in attending this workshop or want to know more, head on over to: North Texas Equine Photography Workshop