I first visited Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) last year. A few of my past portrait clients had reached out to see if I could attend and be their "personal paparazzi." Although that's a great term for it, this service is mostly referred to as Private Client Photography (PCP) which is becoming more and more common at rated Hunter/Jumper shows. I was incredibly flattered when my clients reached out though, especially seeing how H/J shows were not my forte and what I would soon learn are completely different from Quarter Horse shows! That first TIEC show was a learning curve but it was so creatively freeing to get different angles, work with different lighting, and most importantly, capture the candid moments both in and out of the show pen that are so often overlooked. By the end of that week I had fallen in love with the atmosphere and beauty of TIEC and was already itching to return as I knew it was now my new favorite place to photograph.

So far in 2022, I have attended Welcome 2 and most recently Spring 3. Both weeks have been absolutely incredible! I am truly so honored to photograph each and every single one of my clients. Throughout each week I have noticed that I become emotionally invested in how my clients do. So, with every top placing or dropped rail I am right there feeling exactly what they're feeling while trying to hide my tears of joy or sadness by my camera as I click away capturing the raw emotions that go into showing horses.

I believe the soul purpose of photography is to tell a story through a still image... so, it is very fulfilling to finally be able to do just that at a horseshow.

2022 TIEC Spring 3 Highlights